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Starting Your Own Toner Selling Business and Who To Sell To

Starting your own toner selling business is easy. You can find a means to buy cheap from your neighbors, work place and offices around and we will buy from you.

What printer parts and toner cartridges can I sell?

There are several printer parts and toner catridges from different brands but not all parts are worth buying back. Therefore, we have the parts we buy and the conditions which are accepteble.

Our guidelines on the toner cartridges and printer parts we buyback will help when deciding on what to buy in order to sell to us. We buy toner cartidges and printer parts at best price and also make the process so much easy. From order submission to shipping to payment you have nothing to worry about.


On our website we also make it easy for you to know the price we offer for each printer parts and unused toner cartridges. This will help you to decide on what price to offer those you will be buying from locally and how much profit you are going to make on each.

We also have the way we offer price base on the conditions of items . These are the conditions of products we buyback: Open Bag and Seal Attached, Open Box and Sealed Bag, Sealed Box with Damages, Sealed Box with Minor Damages, and Perfect Condition. Price for a particular product will be determin by its condition. The highest price for a product is odder when the product is in perfect condition.

Or HP and Xerox are categorized based on color boxes which is also use in pricing. Which ever category your products fall amonthe conditions mentioned,  we assure you, we offer best price for printer parts, unused toner cartridges and all other products we buyback.

Free shipping is available

YWho will pay for the shipping? We pay for shipping, you don’t need to worry about the shipping fee. We offer free shipping label. As soon as we receive your order we will mail you a free shipping label base on the products listed in the order. All you need is drop off the package at nearest FedEx office to you.

Packaging is key

Packaging your printer ūüĖ® parts and toner or ink cartridges very well is important. First to prevent damage and secondly to fit the shipping label.


We payout using different ways. Our payout options are Paypal, Zelle (direct) and Bank check. Choose a payout option and add required details during the order submission. After we have received the consignment we will send the payment.

It is important to not send what we do not buy, no payment will be sent for such item if found among your products.

Now you will agree with me that Starting Your Own Toner Selling Business is so easy with the explanation above.

Have any question on how to sell unused toner cartridges or printer parts to Best4toners? Please send us message and we will surely get back to you.

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